Long Weekend “to do” List

It’s Independence Day of our beloved Philippines tomorrow, June 12, and since the day falls on a weekend, our company declared it a holiday on Monday… meaning… it’s a LONG WEEKEND!!!

hmmm… what am I gonna do without spending too much or not spending at all? 🙂  Aside from the usual clothes washing, cleaning the house, ironing clothes, FB-ing, blogging and cooking… ano pa ba??

– I might go to the gym
– make Tiramisu or other ‘no bake’ cake
– watch downloaded movies
– watch the season 5 of Sex and the City
– finish “Eat Pray Love” book and start reading “Rosie Dunne” again
– scan old pictures to file and post others to FB
– arrange our plants in our garden

Whoa! Looking on the list makes me end up doing nothing but only eat and sleep… or maybe just playing Plants vs Zombies… (I hope not!!).  It seems that a long weekend is not enough to get these things done!!!  I’m sure tatamarin lang ako… but I’m hoping that at least I would have 2 checks from the list.


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