When it rains, it’s time to dive on the flood!!

Today is my birthday…  All alone here in our house and monitored the construction of our spa.  Whole day online on FB, it flooded with greetings and I was so busy replying them all!!  I feel so blessed that I have lots of friends…  I bought a pizza for the carpenters as my birthday treat then when they left,  I went to the church to attend mass…

During the mass, I was assessing my life and of what I have been through… For the things that I have come so far… I have changed and became more matured… but the only thing is lacking is that I didn’t give any credit or self-appreciation… I never realized that I was that strong to handle those things all by myself… I’m a superwoman… I almost gave up… but only Lord God makes me strong… I never stop thanking God…  I may judge some things as burdens but hey!  those are blessings from God!!.. It’s just the matter on how I handle them..

I was still at the church when the heavy rain was falling so hard and I don’t have an umbrella… anyway, useless din kasi sobrang lakas ng ulan!.. I’ve waited till the rain stops and I could see the water flow on the road… FLOOD!!…  but I have to go home.. I was so worried that there might be some damages in our house… then after a few minutes, I finally got a tricycle… We went to the other route because the driver said that the water was so high at the Main Road…  flood was everywhere, whichever way, walang lusot!.. So the driver still took a chance and we passed with half of his tricycle full of water and imagine,  I was still there!  Of couse, I was soaking in the flood and began to dive.. I have no choice… until I ‘ve reached to our house…

Grabe.. fear or funny?.. I guess both… but I just realized that this is the sign of another year of challenges and blessings for me… again.. happy birthday to me!!! 🙂


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