Update one

Wow.. it’s been almost three months since my last post here… been very busy with other things to prioritize…  sobrang nakakapagod, very stressful..  so what am i doing for these past three months?  Aside from the usual tiring weekend like washing clothes, ironing clothes, cleaning our house, grocery, palengke, cook.. whoa!! an instant maid talaga.. hehehe…  Still, and still, finishing the spa on other paper requirements, like occupation permit, electricity, certificate of electical, wiring permit… yeah, permit and to mention, gastos!!  The thing what I’m amazed, after paying my loans, I still find my resources, I don’t know where I got those or maybe it’s a miracle from God.. STRENGTH… Where I find these strength?  Yes, i cried all the time, especially when times these government people turned me down and asking me tips (lagay)… and imagine, I’m the only one who’s taking care of this, no one really help me na as in assistant.. but I have some friends with their support, but sadly, other friends that still pulling me down (God bless them)…  samahan pa ng ass&$%# boss… syet… but I still not lose hope and still holding on to our Lord God…

I don’t know what’s the reason of this delay… dapat September open na kami pero anong petsa na.. hay…  but I have this feeling, God has a reason for this… I would know after I pass these challenges… Konting tiis na lang talaga.. I really thank God na I never got a terrible sick… puro mild lang…

But after these… I promise to myself na to find time for a major major vacation!!! Even on my own lang…


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