blame it on addiction

I went to my doctor this afternoon to check the results of my physical examination… Almost normal except for having high cholesterol and very low blood count… reason –

  • eating fatty food
  • stress
  • lack of rest
  • lack of sleep

Then the doctor suggested me to take another round of blood test to find the reason of having a very low blood count… I can’t tell her that every night I stay very late because of my addiction… addiction to my BB… wah!!! but should I blame him???  I can’t get rid of this addiction, really… hahaha!!!  let me share with you the video that all started this craziness… since then, I followed all kinds of fan page (blogs, facebook, tumblr, twitter, youtube) for more updates…

maybe I should volunteer to rehabilitate.. but no, I love my addiction…

Now, tell me… should I?  Look at those eyes, lips, height, hair, and especially his voice!!!… he’s really perfect… also to mention, a gentleman, humble, intelligent, loving guy… he’s really a prince!!! hay…


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