10 things every woman needs to get rid of right now

I found this interesting list while reading old magazines.  It’s hard to let go on other things and I’m guilty of it.  hehe..

  1. Fear of flaunting – in bed, at the office, on the dance floor.  Be proud of what you’ve got!
  2. Any really sincere desire to sleep with a celebrity (ok fine.. but how about my Ben Barnes??!!)
  3. A job that drains your time, energy and joie de vivre in exchange for – what, exactly?
  4. Your “skinny” clothes that only fit after the stomach flu. (haha! no comment)
  5. Cigarettes
  6. Rage.  It may (very occasionally) be justified, but it’s rarely worth being known as “that crazy lady in 2B”
  7. Any guy who doesn’t keep his word (oh! done this long time ago)
  8. That friend who always makes you feel worse about yourself instead of better (agree… those insecure envious friends..)
  9. The agony you relive when you think of that really embarrassing thing you did… a year ago.
  10. Your sex tape! (what?! not guilty… I don’t even have this.. LOL!)

from Glamour Magazine US January 2008 issue


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