Macau 2012

Our first trip this year was in Macau.  We were there last February and it was a perfect time to visit.  It was a winter season and we’ve enjoyed dressing up and put on our boots because we can’t do this in Philippines.. Though we thought that we were not prepared because peeps there were fashionable.. we were like, uhm.. kind of amateur-ish in fashion.. haha!  I may say that this was my most relaxing trip, we didn’t rush and was just taking our time.  Maybe because we’ve enjoyed the weather so much.  Picked the best shots, here we go…  (sorry for posting it like forever.. hehe)

Bored.. Our flight was delayed!

Venetian by night.  Taken this while in taxi going to our hotel.

Our first stop – Food trip!!!

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Saw this big fat dog while going back to our hotel.

Day 1: Our lunch for only 17 Pattaca.  The meal has rice, 2 sets of veggies and 2 sets of meat.  Not bad!

From our hotel, it took us only 15 minutes walk going to the Senado Square.  They still have the Chinese New Year set up.  I love the happy colors!

Senado Square

You should not miss this one when you visit Macau.. It tastes so good!! Try it especially when it’s freshly baked.. A buttery Portuguese Egg Tart.. YUM!!!


Next stop: Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral

Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral

At the top of the Ruins, you can see how many tourists are visiting the place.   Look closely on the pic, you will see dropped coins  from tourists.   and I dropped mine!  haha!

Floor plan of St. Paul’s Ruins

There is a small temple beside the Ruins.

We still took more pics even we were so tired of walking…

Peg time! hahaha!

Bought Fish and Squid ball with beautiful view…

But mine was better!.. hihi!

We saw this very very cute dog from one of the stores in Senado Square. Wah! I forgot his name!

Next stop: Casinos!  Of course, the best time is the night time!  The place was so lively, all the lights were on.

Inside Grand Lisboa Hotel:  We were not allowed to take pictures inside the casino. 

I guess this is made of corals…

Then we went back to Senado Square for another batch of shopping spree.  Look at the Senado Square by night.

Day 2:  There’s a nice and clean park in front of our hotel (London Hotel).  Every morning, there are people staying for exercise, chatting and strolling.

Ole London Hotel

Boots! At least we have a reason why we are wearing boots.. haha!

While waiting for the bus going to the Venetian.  Thanks for the late bus, we managed to get our own PEG!!!

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Inside The Venetian.  It has fake clouds, buildings on Italian design, authentic Venetian gondola, shopping mall, hotel and the biggest casino in the world! (accdg to Wikitravel)

excited to shop!

Makeup shopping!

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Next stop: Taipa Village.  It’s like Vigan here in Philippines.. A long street with old houses and buildings.  We went to the museum and stayed at the cute coffee shop for another egg tart!

We had our dinner just nearby our hotel.  It was a small place but few people were eating, mostly from work.  So we tried it and the food was great! It was so authentic.  But you have to wait for a few minutes as they need to cook it right after you order.

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I will definitely go back to Macau at the same season.   See you soon!

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Next post will be our Bangkok trip.. soon…






buchok. ampy. tisay.
via PicsArt Photo Studio

Summer beach outing 2012

We went to Lian, Batangas and stayed at Bella Beach Resort last May 19-20. It was just an overnight swimming and bonding with friends together with their family.  Though we were not complete, we still pushed to our outing.   Busy peeps need a break!! And we need a break!  Sharing our pics…

Bella Beach Resort by night

their swimming pool

Managed to photoshoot on views

mom and her puppy.. cute!

and here with my friends

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De belles histoires à rues de Paris par Robert Doisneau is my default site when opening my browser… So everyday, I get to see their latest banner to celebrate on something that give the surfers an info.  And now, April 14, they celebrate Robert Doisneau‘s 100th birthday… And who is he?? Of course, I googled him and wow! as in wow!! I love his shots!! He was a famous French photographer who used Leica and took shots on streets of Paris… and cool.. he was a pioneer of photojournalism… As I search along on his shots.. I say, two thumbs up and raising my hands to him.. I really love them!!

To check out his portfolio, visit these sites or simply google him!!

Here are my favorites –


The photographer must be absorbent–like a blotter, allow himself to be permeated by the poetic moment…. His technique should be like an animal function…he should act automatically. – Robert Doisneau

Photoshoot Makeup 001

I was invited to do makeup for models on a photoshoot at Wildlife Park.  Though I didn’t know about what was for,  the important is that I  was given an opportunity and practice it at the same time.  Plus, another exposure for me to get connections to models and photographers.  One of the photographers shared his shot and I’m glad that it went well… so here it goes…


I am now a certified Makeup Artist!

Last January 7 was my finals for my makeup short course.  I had to prepare and plan what concepts and colors since we were assigned to do two makeups, High Fashion and Beauty Makeup.  We needed two models for each makeup.  So I picked my two high school friends and they were so excited.

Here they are with no makeup:

From left: Joyce and Denise

Started Denise while Joyce was at the hairstylist:

Denise for High Fashion makeup

Joyce’ turn…

Joyce for Beauty Makeup

Ready for their photoshoot:

Photoshoot “behind the scene”

Still looked fresh after that tiring photoshoot…

The final shots

Thanks Denise and Joyce for this… This really means a lot to me… Looking at those pics, I’ve pointed out where I should improve more and I won’t mention it here hahaha!  But you can see it from the pics…  Overall, though not that perfect, still, I AM SO PROUD FROM WHAT I DID!!

The Hunger Games First Official Trailer

I’m addicted to The Hunger Games Trilogy. That’s all.  haha!  The first official trailer has released and HG fans went gaga.. Twitter, Facebook and whatever social media.. Crazy high hits on Youtube.  What I like on the trailer, they highlighted the important details of the book.  Thanks to for sharing the screencaps.  Now, I can’t wait… mark it… March 23, 2012…

The Stunning Fannings

I watched Super 8 last night and this cute blonde girl really caught my eyes.  Then I saw her name, Elle Fanning, on the list of cast, first thing I thought.. “this maybe Dakota’s younger sister”.. and I was right!  So when I searched it, I saw the Fanning sisters’ latest pics from W Magazine December 2011 Issue.  They are so gorgeous and I love their makeup!!

Makeup by Lancôme (no wonder).  Here are their photos.  (source)

To read more about Dakota and Elle, visit