Birdsong TV Miniseries

After the book and stage play in Comedy Theatre, London, now comes the tv series… Admittedly, I’m such a biased because I still vote for Ben as Stephen Wraysford even I didn’t see the play.. But now, I’ve got their point.. they want fresh faces for this series.. ok, but it’s still Ben for me.. haha!  Eddie Redmayne now plays as Stephen and after watching the first episode, Eddie did well.. though Isabelle should be playing as an older one than Stephen.. seems Clémence Poésy is so young to play as Isabelle… The flow of scenes is great and well-justified… So I rate this 7 out of 10… should be 10 if Ben would play it… sorry.. 🙂

Birdsong trailer from BBC One

Birdsong at the Comedy Theatre starring Ben Barnes


New on my blog… soon!!

Now, I’ve finally decided to make this blog as poem blog… All my poem collections, but not my composition, but from famous poets in the world…  but maybe, to post also what I made… hehe…  hopefully I’ll start it tomorrow…

In the meantime, I’m still addicted to Ben Barnes and I made this wallpaper, his latest photos during his Narnia Premiere in Tokyo, Japan… I just chose those pics that he looks so relaxed and away from his busy world… Gosh, how I really wish to see him in person… Saving money is the only way to see him, maybe in the near future if ever he would have his new stage play in London… 🙂 🙂 🙂

blame it on addiction

I went to my doctor this afternoon to check the results of my physical examination… Almost normal except for having high cholesterol and very low blood count… reason –

  • eating fatty food
  • stress
  • lack of rest
  • lack of sleep

Then the doctor suggested me to take another round of blood test to find the reason of having a very low blood count… I can’t tell her that every night I stay very late because of my addiction… addiction to my BB… wah!!! but should I blame him???  I can’t get rid of this addiction, really… hahaha!!!  let me share with you the video that all started this craziness… since then, I followed all kinds of fan page (blogs, facebook, tumblr, twitter, youtube) for more updates…

maybe I should volunteer to rehabilitate.. but no, I love my addiction…

Now, tell me… should I?  Look at those eyes, lips, height, hair, and especially his voice!!!… he’s really perfect… also to mention, a gentleman, humble, intelligent, loving guy… he’s really a prince!!! hay…


Yes!!  Finally!  I’ve been looking for this book and voila! I found it… happy happy!!

This is the only way to get more closer to my Ben Barnes…  since I was not able to watch the play (coz I’m here in Philippines, and the play was in London, so sad…)… I will just imagine Ben while reading this book…  But I need to finish first the other book before to start on this one…