My Manila Blog

This blog is from Ms. Annie’s friend and it inspires me more to update mine.  Need to pick my shots and post and share here…


Updating my Blog

Hello there!! long time no read… I’ve been so busy lately…  and now I’m updating my blog and started it by changing the theme (again)…  I want it a simpler one.. I chose “Enterprise” for a much cleaner one…

Happy blogging again!!!  🙂

new theme for my blog (trip lang)

Trip ko lang… I just want to make pa-cool.. and named it “Jessie’s Girl”… literally because I’m Jessie’s daughter (Jess or Jessie is my father’s nickname)… So I selected Girl on Green… no header picture 😦  But it’s ok… I can turn it back to the old design if ever I changed my mind 🙂

So just in case, just to be sure, uploaded here my old design (ChaoticSoul)… with the standard widget –

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Well… I’m sure.. after a week or even few days from now… this will be updated to the new design.. or to the old design.. hehehe.. 🙂