The HEADER matters

because I’m so excited with my new blog…  the next task –> create a header… so I took from my collections, edit it and bongga!!! here you go…

Sunrise at Mt. Pulag

LEFT PART – I was sitting at the  summit when I took this.  I was freezing cold here with about almost negative temp!!!

Lunar Eclipse last New Year 2010

RIGHT PART – I can’t count how many shots I did before I made this beautiful moon portrait.  From the news, they said that the perfect view was 4am.. buti na lang New Year celebration that time so I’ve waited the time to get this…


These are the subjects that you’ll expect more on this blog… now you get the idea why I named it “subject matters”…  🙂 🙂

Thanks to for easy editing on my photos…  download it for free!!!