I am now a certified Makeup Artist!

Last January 7 was my finals for my makeup short course.  I had to prepare and plan what concepts and colors since we were assigned to do two makeups, High Fashion and Beauty Makeup.  We needed two models for each makeup.  So I picked my two high school friends and they were so excited.

Here they are with no makeup:

From left: Joyce and Denise

Started Denise while Joyce was at the hairstylist:

Denise for High Fashion makeup

Joyce’ turn…

Joyce for Beauty Makeup

Ready for their photoshoot:

Photoshoot “behind the scene”

Still looked fresh after that tiring photoshoot…

The final shots

Thanks Denise and Joyce for this… This really means a lot to me… Looking at those pics, I’ve pointed out where I should improve more and I won’t mention it here hahaha!  But you can see it from the pics…  Overall, though not that perfect, still, I AM SO PROUD FROM WHAT I DID!!