A victory kiss from Iker…

If there’s a sudden highness of emotion… you just can’t stop but to kiss someone you love…

This is so cute… After winning Spain for the World Cup 2010 finals, Iker Casillas, Spain’s goalkeeper and team captain,  had an interview by his reporter GF, Sara Carbonero… He suddenly kissed her when he started getting emotion while saying thanks to his family and fans…

Here’s the translation (I got this from you tube)

Sara:  J all the Princes are leaving but Iker is staying… well how did it all start & look now
Iker:  what do you want me to say?
Sara:  how are you? how do u feel?
Iker:  well this a wonderful day.  I’m very happy.  I think we deserve it in the end. I dedicate this to the people that has supported me always, (looks into her eyes) my parents, my brother (voice starts to crack)

*both get emotional*

Sara: It’s okay. We’ll talk more on the match & then we’ll return back…
Iker: No
Sara: no?
Iker:  I rather kiss you

*kisses her*

Iker:  I’m off

*sara blushes*

Sara:  dear me
(reports back to J)
Sara: …well then…we’ll continue later o.k. J

awww.. I feel love… kainis!!!